Create your Own Wedding Fans to Make your Wedding Programs Special

Hand fans are the most cost effective and powerful tools, people love something that they can personally use it. If they get it as a gift for any special occasions, then they appreciate and remember to make your special day memorable in their heart. Fans have become a popular choice in a wedding ceremony as a favor for summertime weddings. If you are having your wedding in an outdoor location without having any air conditioning in the summertime, then the fan wedding favor is a great idea to make your guest comfortable. Instead of making your guests suffer from sweltering heat on your wedding day, give them the fan to keep them happy and comfortable during your wedding.

The Wedding fans are easy to obtain. In fact, currently on the Internet, there are many online stores that customize the fans for the wedding ceremonies to make it special and memorable. For the most part, the companies provide the fans are not always genuine and match with the requirements of your wedding day. Before you go for any designed fan, you should research the history of the company insure their credibility and reputability of its realism. Make sure that your chosen fans are going to serve as favors for your wedding, you might put the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

To make the fan wedding cards for your Wedding Programs, are actually easy to create. They are also simple to store and easy to carry out on your wedding day. For creating a wedding card for your occasion, two things need to consider, one side will be covered with text and the other side designed with a beautiful decoration. According to the perception of the user, they designed their fan wedding favors, like few of them put their romantic picture on one side and the ceremony program on the other side, another set of people put their menu with the direction of reception places on one side and their love story on the other side as their possible imaginations.

After the printing things on your  Wedding Fans are finalized, then the next thing need to consider about the shape of your fan wedding programs. Here you can stand with the standard size and shape of the fan like square and round style. Basically, in wedding ceremony heart shapes are very popular, make sure that whatever shape you choose for your fan need to correct one. To make your fan colorful, you can use colored paper to compliment your wedding colors as well, which, can be very pretty.

All the fan wedding cards are looking more unique, to make them more unique by dressing them a bit by adding some lace or some ribbon in it. Somehow, you can employ the use of a glue gun to glue buttons, rhinestones, or other decorative sparkles in your fan to make it more decorative and attractive. Many of your wedding guests will enjoy looking at them as much as using them to make it as a memorable keepsake of your wedding.


Fan Wedding Program – Perfect Summer Wedding Organiser

Wedding come once in a lifetime and all wants theirs to be very special. The clandestine behind successful weddings dignify a decent wedding program that helps in toting more spices to the wedding ceremony and also bring fun to the guests. So not to spoil your wedding with bad weather situation, summer is considered to be the ideal season for weddings, besides this, all relatives have more free time in summer, but have one disadvantage though. The temperature in summer reaches a blistering degree, subsequently, it will be mistreated if we keep invitee sweating throughout the wedding.


To keep your invitee cozy from this scorching sun and efficient demeanor of marriage ceremony Fan Wedding Program is one of the best ideas to be conveyed in summer. The  Fan can be an attractive accent on the wedding, they are adorable, quixotic and keep your guest cool in summer. Fans can be not only used for decorative purpose but also can be used for providing relief from the heat, moreover printing on the backside we can provide information to the guest on the curriculum to be carried out during the ceremony.


As fan became one of the best accessories during summer they are provided in various shapes, size, color and material, according to your choice and preference, so that they can form to match your special wedding flavor.  Ordinarily different types of fans are available and made up of paper and fabric,  subsequently, these fans are also resilient, easy to hoard, long lasting and can be carried to marriage splotch easily.

The Fan Wedding Program is easy to be conceded. This type of marriages is unique and are the finest alternative for marriages in summer,  which is exhilarating and memorable for the couple having marriage and for those people who came from far place to attend the marriage.

Specialties of Wedding Fans for summer and Beach Wedding Ceremonies

As a wedding ceremony is very special in everyone’s life, everyone wants to do it in an exciting way. Most importantly, theme based wedding ceremony is more exciting and is in demand today. When it comes to a summer wedding, it is constantly more favored because of the flexibility in wedding subjects and thoughts during this time. Especially, beach wedding in summer is all time favorite of most of the people. The delightful warm outdoor climate is constantly favorable to a party and outdoor ceremonies.


The most well-known theme for a midyear wedding is a shoreline themed wedding. Set the shoreline wedding theme from the starting point. Let the shoreline wedding theme mirror on your wedding program and stationary by including ocean side components and decoration to them. It’s easy to be capricious and more casual with a shoreline wedding. However, if you need to go hard and fast, a formal shoreline themed wedding can be a dazzling issue.

Specialties of Wedding fans:

  • Wedding Fans are actually a compliment for a wedding ceremony and it can be a flawless highlight for a wedding. They are appealing, sentimental, and can help your guests to remain cool on a hot day. Today, in both summer and shoreline wedding, using fans is a big fashion. They are accessible in different materials and forms to suit your own wedding taste.
  • They are ideal for the kind of weddings where a bride wears lace gowns and vintage inspired bridal jewelry sets. However, even brides who incline toward their outfits and sets of marriage jewelry to have a more streamlined feel can, in any case, find beautiful fans which will add extra style to their weddings.
  • This is an exceptionally shrewd touch in the event that you are having an outdoor wedding service in a warm atmosphere. The fans are awesome for making an invigorating breeze and they can likewise be helpful for waving off bugs attracted to the fragrance of the people. You can pick Wedding Fans with a beautiful outline for this reason, or select plain paper fans which can be modified.

Whether your style is formal or sleek and casual, a late spring wedding can suit a plenitude of thoughts and themes.

Beach Wedding Fans- Special Meaning for Your Beach Themed Marriage

Weddings that occur on the beach are regarded as the most romantic. Whether you are marrying by the sea or having a beach themed big day, below are some great ideas for your beach themed Wedding Fans. The most conventional wedding favor boxes can simply be transformed to fit with your beach theme. Chocolate pebbles look beautiful inside a favor box as do chocolate shells. Select sand or sea colored boxes to co-ordinate the look. Beach themed favors come in all styles and sizes from flip-flop place card holders to shell formed soaps, palm tree favor boxes to star fish key chains. You’re sure to find something unique to fit with your theme so be creative and you’re definite to find the ideal beach themed wedding favors.


Fans are a really great favor to have at beach marriages. Summer beach weddings can be very bright and hot so handing fans to your guests to keep cool will be really appreciated. Hand them to guests before the event rather than at the wedding reception for guests to make full use of them. There are some gorgeous Wedding Fans on the market, from colored silk fans to intricately cut sandalwood fans. Many come in attractive boxes to make them the perfect beach wedding favors.


If you are the creative type, put your bridesmaids to good use and get baking. Cookies are gorgeous gifs when handed out in pretty bags at the end of the wedding breakfast. Beach themed cookie cutters are freely available to fit with your wedding theme. Decorated in colorful icing these will surely be the ideal beach themed wedding gift for your guests.

Personalized favors are always a great idea for giving your visitors something remarkable. There are countless beach themed favors that can be personalized. Most printers can print personalized stickers for you to paste on your favor packing for a cost effective way to personalize your wedding favors. Maybe individualized sun lotion will be the most appreciated at a beach wedding.


Beach weddings are lovely occasions so put a bit of thought into your favors and be certain to give your guests something they will remember your important day with.

Wedding Fans for the Wedding Day- Always Plan Early and Plan Well

Choose the Shape of Wedding Fans:

The shape of your Wedding Fans is important. You can go with a standard square or round style. You can also get creative. Heart shapes are very popular for weddings. Just be sure that whatever shape you choose is the right size. You need to have is big enough to put all the information on, but small enough that it does not become floppy.



Fan wedding programs are already unique, but you can make them even more unique by dressing them up a bit. Add some lace or some ribbon. Add in some faux pearls to the decorative side or you can always leave it plain. You do not have to embellish it. If you do, though, be careful. Make sure any embellishments are secure and that they will not cause issues when the guests actually use the fan. Fan wedding programs are a fun idea. They show guests you know it is hot and you care about their comfort. The functional Wedding Fans adds a bit of fun and a touch of personalization to your wedding. A summer wedding can be amazing and fan wedding programs will make sure that everyone beats the heat and enjoys the day.


Personalizing your Wedding Fans:

Wedding fans may come in silk, paper, buri and sandalwood material. Paper wedding fans make for fabulous and functional wedding favors. Choose a hand fan that mimic the design of Chinese, foldable fans. They can come in various colors and can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and the ceremony site at the front. At the back, print the details of the wedding program. Instead of using handles, punch holes at the bottom and tie satin ribbons for an elaborate finish. For a simpler, yet equally elegant version, make use of square paper hand fans with Popsicle stick for handles. Print large the couple’s signature monograms on it and tie an organza ribbon around the fan for a chic finish.


Wedding Fan Programs- A Traditional Elegance for Contemporary Styling

Wedding programs are an integral part of your wedding ceremony. Through Wedding Fans Program, your guests are able to feel more involved with your wedding. In addition, the knowledge of what is to come often helps guests have a better time at your reception and provides you with a way for keeping your guests informed about the meaning behind certain aspects of you ceremony. Programs are also excellent keepsakes for your guests.dscf01801

Wedding Fans are referred to hand fans made from paper or feathers. These fashion accessories blasted into fame during the Victorian period. Traditionally, they were preferred by elite ladies. Their use made a strong style statement and also gave a sense of pride and authority. In the past, their use was mostly functional. Different countries across the globe came-up with their own understanding and symbolism. For Japanese people, wedding fans symbolizes friendship, respect and good wishes. For Europeans, they symbolized wealth and class, and for others, they symbolized the beginning of a new life.

What to Include In Your Wedding Program? 

Wedding programs are a fairly flexible addition to your wedding ceremony and reception. A basic program should include information regarding rituals, customs, or traditions being included in your wedding ceremony and in your reception. With the program, you can explain any aspect that may be unfamiliar to your guests. Of course, it should also include the times for certain events, particularly if your program will cover your reception events as well.

Wedding Fans can also include many extras to help make them more personal. For example, you might include a brief biography of the members of your bridal party. Favorite poems, quotes, and photographs are also an excellent addition to your program. You might even honor a deceased relative or friend by including meaningful photos, quotes, or poems on the back of your program.

Program Designs:

When it comes to wedding programs, anything that can be written on can be used. You might print your program on paper fans or in booklets. You can even be creative and place your program on scrolls of parchment or create a Playbill containing the names of the “actors” in your ceremony in order to help set the tone for your ceremony.