11 Easy Steps to Make Your Own DIY Wedding Fan Programs

The wedding ceremony programs are such an important part of a wedding ceremony that cannot be overlooked anyway. Wedding Programs hold different types of shapes and designs, which will definitely attract your thought. If you are having an outdoor or summer wedding, then you should prefer fan-shaped programs, so that your guests beat the heat by passing out custom-made Program Fans. By turning your program into a hand-held fan, your guests can stay calm and refreshed.


DIY Wedding fan Programs:

During your wedding ceremony, if you want to add some extra stylish touch, and then use these DIY Petal fan program kits. It is the flawless alternative for your outdoor event that even offers the best comfort to your guests. The DIY Petal Fan kits are accessible in white and cream in packs of either 50 sheets (150 petals) or 100 sheets (300 petals). All packs have 3 petals for each sheet.

These products will help keep your guests cool throughout both the ceremony and reception. This stylish Fan Program is fun and easy to make. You just need to follow some simple steps to make your program fans and you can print these program fans yourself on your home printer that compliment your wedding theme.


DIY Petal Fan Kit Instructions:

  • Collect your desired templates from the online sources.
  • Insert your custom content into the template, supplanting the example content.
  • Change colors, font styles, font sizes, etc. to modify your format.
  • Pictures and outline components might be included too.
  • Then save your template.
  • Before you print, you will need to expel the diagrams from the format so they don’t print.
  • Before you print, you ought to do a test print with either our specimen kit or plain paper to check the arrangement, colors, format, etc. before you utilize your genuine punctured stock to decrease on waste. This likewise helps you to see which way your punched sheets ought to be stacked.
  • Carefully punch out the petals and openings from the cardstock sheet.
  • Then collate the petals.
  • Bind the petals together utilizing an eyelet, brad, or lace of your decision. You can discover these things at a local craft store.
  • No extra technical support or guidelines are offered for Petal Fan Kits. A direct level of experience in Word is prescribed with a specific end goal to finish these projects. An example kit is very highly recommended acquiring a full kit.



Top Convenient Tips Related to Wedding Programs ideas

Wedding planning necessitate tons of careful decision, negotiation, and organizations to accomplish it in a full-fledged manner.  The crucial thing is deciding the wedding programs and the wedding stationeries to help the guests schedule their time for the event. As wedding is meant to be a keepsake that a couple can treasure till the end of their life.


Wedding Programs generally include Alter ceremony, welcome of the guests, wedding party, reception, acknowledgment of bride and groom’s families, and memorials of decease relatives. Below is a detailed summary of wedding plan:

The ceremony follows a series of events, starting from entourage to recessional to reception. In between special custom or tradition is celebrated with special song dedication or poem recitation.


Wedding party and wedding guests includes parents and relatives of bride and groom, bridesmaid, flower girl(s), maid of honor, ring bearer, best man, and of course the marriage officiant. Musicians are also important, which make your wedding soothing and beautiful.  A thank-you message is compulsory at the end to those who are witnessing the event and the one who passed away.

If homemade wedding programs are considered, checking out template online will be a big help, later print it out and use it with the stationaries. You can also customize it according to your wish and demands before printing it, select the color, design, type of paper and other details. For precision, match it with the theme!

Ceremony programs include lot of trending ideas that influence the theme, color and the wedding season. Again, some go with the classy idea of wedding program for a more stylish and lavish wedding and it includes cool ways of informing wedding proceedings to the guests.


Recently, due to the aspiring online business all types of wedding stationaries, customized wedding programs and wedding invitations can be ordered online. However, the wedding related items need to be ordered in advance as the suppliers may take time in wrapping up the bulk order. As some of the things, such as bridal shower invitations, thank you cards, and place cards are required much early. Make your theme successful by planning it with perfection!