Such Suggestions for Fan Wedding Programs

Basically, most of the people prefer the summer time for any big ceremony as they find more time in the summer and this season is safer from other if we consider the chances of bad weather. But in summer, heat can spoil everything as the temperatures in the summer can reach sweltering hot levels. But in that kind of situation, Fan wedding programs are the best option to keep your lovely summer wedding in shape and to turn your wedding program into a functional gift as well for the guests.


Perfect Fan Wedding Programs:

A perfect Wedding Fan Programs are not really tough to make. Just you need to know the basic idea about it. There is a simple idea to make it that you should consider the design of the both sides of the wedding fans. One side will be the text and the other side will be the decoration. There are various shapes and sizes come to the wedding fans, so you should also decide the size & shape of it according to the theme of your ceremony. Lastly, you need to select embellishments, if it is needed.

Design of wedding fans:

As Fan wedding programs can use as a fan, but still it is your wedding program. Therefore, you should always more conscious about the proper information on the desired program and make sure that everything is correct according to the wedding theme. Even, a special verse or words of thanks can be added on the other side of the fan.


Shape of wedding fans:

The shape of a wedding fan is another major thing that you should consider carefully.  Actually, there are various shapes are accessible for a wedding fan, including square, rectangular, round style, heart shape and so on. So it depends on you and your theme of the ceremony that which one would be more preferable. You need to have a big enough to put all the info on, but small enough that it does not become floppy.


Embellish of wedding fans:

You can add some lace or some ribbon. Add in some faux pearls to the decorative side to make a wedding fan more special but don’t embellish it. If you do, make sure any embellishments are safe and that they will not cause issues during the use.


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