Sharing the Necessary Tips to Create & Design Wedding Fan Programs

There is something you can do to keep your lovely summer wedding in shape and keep your guests from melting right off their seats. Wedding Fans are an amazing idea that allows you to turn your wedding program into a functional gift for the guests. You get double service from your program and your guests get a little relief from the soaring temperatures.


Creating the Perfect Fan Wedding Programs:

Fan wedding programs are actually easy to create. They are simple to store and carry to the wedding, too. Plus they are durable, so they make for a long lasting souvenir of your big day. There are a few things that will go into creating the perfect Wedding Fan Programs. You will need to come up with two sides for the design. One side will be the text and the other side will be decoration, like you would have on the outside of a traditional program. You will also need to decide upon the shape of the fan. Lastly you need to choose embellishments, if there will be any.

Design the Actual Program:

While the fun in fan Wedding Programs is that it is a usable fan, it is still your wedding program, so it needs to have the proper information. You want to go over the information that is to be in the program carefully. Spell checks everything and ensure that it is correct before sending it off to the printers. You should also consider that you only have a small space in which to print, so stick with the basics. Do not get too wordy. You can always add a special verse or even words of thanks to the guests on the other side of the fan. Speaking of the other side of the fan, you might want to choose picture of you and your future spouse. You can use anything you would like, but this side of the fan is more of a decoration than an informative piece. Just keep that in mind when designing it.


Choose Your Shape:

The shape of your fan wedding programs is important. You can go with a standard square or round style. You can also get creative. Heart shapes are very popular for weddings. Just be sure that whatever shape you choose is the right size. You need to have is big enough to put all the information on, but small enough that it does not become floppy.


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