Discover Some Latest Designs and Patterns on Wedding Fan Programs

Wedding Fan Programs can be a wonderful addition to the marriage ceremony. They are an excellent way to let your guests know how the service will proceed, who is involved, and especially the meaning of any special rituals you choose to include. This is a look at designing wedding programs which are beautiful, unique, and informative. Your wedding programs should fit the overall theme of your event, but they need not match the rest of the wedding stationery suite exactly (unless you want them to, of course).

Spend the time to make your Wedding Fans Program look really special by using a beautiful paper, a carefully selected font, and pretty embellishments such as ribbons or tassels. Naturally, you will want them to be done using your wedding colors, and they can coordinate with other aspects of your design as well. For instance, if you love the sparkle of your crystal wedding jewelry, add a small crystal tassel to the corner of each program to dress it up. Not only will it be a great complement to your wedding jewelry, but the crystal accent will set your programs apart from the crowd.

Some of the most fun programs are not even printed on standard paper. If you were having an outdoor summer wedding, you could print the ceremony details on a pretty paper fan. The special fan would not only let your guests know what music you used in the processional and who wrote the poem from your vows, but it can be used to keep cool on a hot afternoon. Pretty, unique, and practical – what’s not to love? The same idea can be adapted to suit weddings at other times of the year, as well.

For a wedding in a modern style, think about creating Wedding Fan Programs in a non-traditional shape, such as circles. Be sure that the font you select reflects the overall style of your event. A bold sans-serif block print is ideal for a bride who loves contemporary design. Another way to play up an ultra-modern style is to use a variety of font sizes in unexpected ways. The easy-to-read sans-serif font will ensure that the offbeat printing style is still extremely legible. Splashy color combinations like cherry and aqua or mango and lime look fantastic for this updated take on the wedding program.


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