Explaining Several Wedding Fan Ideas for Garden Weddings

An outdoor wedding in a garden is a wonderful location choice for your big day. Being surrounded by plants and the beautiful colors of blooming flowers can create a romantic and lovely setting for your wedding. You may want to continue this garden wedding theme by giving your wedding guests garden-themed Wedding Programs. These favors can both contribute to the decorations that are displayed during your wedding, as well as serve as reminders to your guests of your wedding day and garden location after the wedding is over. You have many options to choose from when selecting garden-themed wedding favors.


One idea is to give each of your guests the Fan Programs. This item can be both functional and decorative. If it is hot outside, you may actually want to give the fans out before the wedding so that your guests can use them to cool off a bit. You could even have the wedding program printed on the fans. To have these fans fit in with your garden theme, choose light pastel colors such as pink and green, or choose colors that match your wedding colors. Another way you can incorporate your garden theme is in your selection of place card holders. A butterfly shaped place card holder would certainly be appropriate for a garden wedding. A bird shaped place card holder would work nicely, as well.


These types of Wedding Programs could be used by the guests after the wedding as memo holders. An additional wedding favor that would be quite fitting for a garden wedding is wildflower seeds. Many of these types of favors are designed with wildflower seeds embedded into paper. There are also many types of favor boxes and containers that fit in with this theme. Mini flower pot favors or mini watering can favors are some examples. There are also some containers that are actually shaped like flowers. Candles are another type of favor you could give to your guests. Candles in the shape of flowers or ones with a flowery scent would be nice. Another favor option is to give soaps to your guests. There are various types of flower-shaped soaps that fit in with a garden theme. For your guests who drink, you could give wine stopper wedding favors.


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